The ‘International English Language Testing System’ also known as IELTS is an exam designed to help a person work, study, or migrate to a country where English is a native language. The ability to write, read, listen and speak in English will be tested during this examination. IELTS has a score ranging from band 1 to band 9. Band 9 in IELTS is an expert score. It is said that the majority of people do not get band 9 and it is not required to score band 9 in IELTS. But, this grade means that you have complete command over the language and you can use it with accuracy and fluency. It is indeed quite difficult to score band 9 in IELTS but it is not impossible. This article will help you know how to score IELTS band 9.


So, here we are sharing tips on how to score ielts band 9 for every section you’re going to attempt:


There are four modules in the IELTS exam: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. The final score or grade will be given based on evaluation from each of these modules. Hence to get band 9 in IELTS, you must be prepared to carry through all four modules with a good score.


  1. IELTS Speaking Tips: 


Speaking is a part of our daily lives but when it comes to speaking in a presentable manner in a non-native language, it takes practice and self-esteem.


  • You are NOT on your own – It is important to remember that in the 21st century, we have so many mediums that can help us be better with our voice modulation and presentation. Recording yourself to answer a question during a practice session can help you know what improvements you might want to make before going in for the final exam.
  • TV can be useful after all – In the era of Netflix, it is so easy to have a grasp on English TV series or movies. For a better command over English Communication Skills, watching English movies or shows is proven to be helpful.
  • Take YOUR time – You will have 15 minutes to speak so, hurrying your answers might end up confusing you.
  • Take a breath, get comfortable and make sure you sound confident and assured before speaking.
  • Mistakes are OKAY – To get band 9 grade, you don’t have to be perfect. Mistakes are acceptable but making less of them is what matters.


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2. IELTS Listening Tips: 


How many times has it happened that while watching an English movie, subtitles were absolutely a need? Many times, right? Well, you won’t have a chance to turn on subtitles during this test but the following tips will help you with it.


  • The ACCENT to determine – Usually the accent that is used in the recordings during tests could be Australian or British which is far different from the one we hear many times. So, listening to sample recordings will help you get a grasp of these unfamiliar accents.
  • ATTENTION is the key to all – You are going to get only one chance to listen to the audio. Listen carefully. Also, you will be reading, writing and listening at the same time so prepare yourself for this test with help of IELTS general training or IELTS preparations online.
  • Pencil is your Best Friend – Write the answers with Pencils. Accidentally writing the wrong spelling of the word can happen and you can lose marks because of that. So, to be on the safer side, it is advised to keep a pencil by your side.



ielts listening tips



3. IELTS Reading Tips: 



Reading is something that requires good observation skills during this exam. The answer can be hidden right in front of your eyes but if you are not paying enough attention, you will never see it. Here’s how you can polish those observation skills!


  • DETAILS – Focusing on details is the ‘mantra’ to ace the reading test. Practicing this in your daily life will help you have keen observation skills. During the test, do not forget to underline or highlight the lines, words you feel are important.
  • Time Management – Try to give every question reasonable time. You wouldn’t want to hurry and mess it up. So, be patient with every question but also, make sure you are not ‘wasting your time.
  • Answer it ALL – IELTS does not have negative marking so, try to answer every question that is given.
  • Dealing with Unfamiliar Words – If you face any unfamiliar words while reading, do not panic! You can always guess.



4. IELTS Writing Tips: 


60 minutes to write about a given topic sounds a little too much but many times, one hour is not enough! Having so many things to write and to write them in a presentable manner can be a toughie.


  • Read, read, read – Reading is going to be a savior in this test. You will be given any topic to write about. Hence, it is only fair to read as much as you can to have a wider knowledge about multiple things.
  • Practice – Practice writing as much as you can. It will help you express yourself in a better way and also, increase your writing speed.


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dos and donts of ielts writing task 2



These IELTS general training will help you find what is the module you need to work on more. As mentioned previously, it is not easy to score band 9 but it is possible. These tips will help you to understand how to score IELTS band 9.

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