The quest for better working conditions and opportunities should be never-ending and limitless. The opportunities are in plenty but what is the constructive way to achieve this? The discussion for better opportunities involuntarily ends up aiming overseas and the first preference will always be- English speaking nations. Visiting a country for vacation is different from going there to earn money or maybe settle forever. There are various mediums to help you with your immigration-provided you know the country you have selected to go to. IELTS General Training format is one such test that is not only convenient but is favorably easy to crack. The test is curated to examine your English language proficiency with basic grammatical knowledge and communication skills.

IELTS General Training specifically aims to examine the candidates who opt for a Permanent Residency, undergo professional skill training, and even for a spousal entry, but it is not much different from academic testing. Other than the question pattern and the total time duration, the contents of the Reading and Writing segments differ. In General Testing, the council demands to know the professional approach and personality of the candidate.


Who can take the test?  



Who can take the test, ielts general training test format

This segment of IELTS can be considered as a package as it holds the ability to get you a degree while at the same time earning a living. It tests your proficiency in the language while at the same time trying to help you get a job with the best band possible. One should at least be of the minimum age of 16 years to appear for the test, providing they own a valid passport (for both academic and general).

Apart from the people who seek better job opportunities, general training is mostly chosen by spouses who want to join their partners. This is one of the reasons why IELTS General Training is easier than that of academic because academic is designed following the universities’ acceptance rate. There is always the right time to apply for this test, and the most preferred time will at least 6 months before you plan to leave so that you can still have time to pull off other immigration works.


IELTS General Training Format 


The test format, as mentioned earlier is set up for the ease of cracking it with the best bands. Just like academic, this too has for bands but the contents of it are slightly different:


IELTS Listening: 


IELTS Listening, IELTS general training test format


The listening test is held with the academic test-takers, so they share the same audio. The whole listening test is wound up within 30 minutes. These 30 minutes include 4 recorded monologues and conversations. The task is to listen to the recording and note it down in the rough sheet(advisable) provided to you, and then there will be time provided to you to transfer your answer to the main sheet.


  • 1st segment: A conversation between two people discussing or debating over a general topic.
  • 2nd segment: A single person speaks here or a monologue is played here explaining or narrating a general issue.
  • 3rd segment: A conversation between two or more people in an academic context
  • 4th segment: A monologue in an academic context.


IELTS Reading:


IELTS Reading


This is a 1-hour test containing 3 reading passages with their respective tasks.


  • Section 1: Contains two or three short factual texts. This question set is under this passage is divided into 3 parts including True and False, complete the sentences, and fill in the blanks, respectively.


  • Section 2: Contains two short, work-related, factual texts. It has 3 parts again containing matching the heading with the paragraphs, a diagrammatical question, and lastly, fill in the blanks.


  • Section 3: Contains one longer text on the topic of general interest. It contains true or false statements questions and finally ending it with fill in the blanks.



IELTS Writing:


IELTS Writing, IELTS general training test format


It is a 60 minutes segment divided into 2 tasks.


  1. Letter Writing: 150 words: 


It can be formal, semi-formal, or informal. It can be a letter of requesting, explaining, narrating, or suggesting a piece of information, and can also be about complaining about a certain issue or service.


2. Essay Writing: 250 words: 


It consists of opinionated topics that require elaboration and a specific task or question for you to answer.


IELTS Speaking:


IELTS Speaking


It takes place roughly for 11 to 14 minutes. It is the same as that for academics. It is held face to face. It contains speaking and discussing a basic and familiar topic but with strategic and structured conversations.

  • The questions start with an introduction which includes questions about name, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.
  • The second question includes the interviewer showing you a booklet from which you choose a topic and jot down notes and you will need to talk about it for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • After you finish speaking, the examiner will ask you more questions related to the topic you have chosen and said.


Preparation for the test: 


Preparation for the test, ielts general training test format


The test is designed to qualify people as having basic and proper knowledge of English. They check the written as well as verbal usage of the candidate and therefore, they have toned down the difficulty levels. This also denotes that the preparation for it need not be rigorous, in fact, specific and point-based. IELTS preparation online has made it easy and convenient to study from home. Previously IELTS training was not this feasible but with the passage of time, and technological advancements, the entire training, and mock tests are held via online courses.

The best thing about IELTS should be the duration taken to declare the results. The results are out in 12-15 days for an offline test. Online tests take 4-5 days.

IELTS as a whole is convenient and smooth, not only the conduction but also as an English language testing system. The standards set by the test are more than enough to examine and judge the proficiency and skills of the candidate. IELTS General Training Format puts forth a professional yet comfortable display of testing for people wanting to work and settle abroad.


IELTS preparation provides IELTS online course by trained and certified instructors for people seeking 7+ band in the 1st attempt.

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