Before you know the academic module of IELTS, you must understand what it is exactly. It is an International English Language Test which permits to work in some English language country. It is one type of grade which you must achieve. You need to give the examination to pass the test, and there are no minimum and maximum scores for this. You will get the mark sheet by mentioning the grade “band 1 to band 9”. If you did not attempt the exam, then that subject score will be “band 0”. There is a minimum age for giving the exam. The exam holder must be 16 years, and he must have a valid passport for travel. Here you will get the hints for IELTS academic module. IELTS academic module comprises of four sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.


Through this article we will provide you a run down of hints for IETLS academic module for each section:



  1. IELTS Writing Test: 


IELTS Writing Test, hints for ielts academic module



This is one of the strict writing tests where most of the students feel difficulty. You only get one hour to complete this module including the essay, graph, letter, etc.


  • The writing test:


This depends on the test module where you will have an academic test and a general test. Academic is university application, and general is general migration. In Task 1, you need to describe everything through a graph or diagram, and in Task 2, you need to write the essay.


  • Academic Task 1:


Here, you need to describe the graph with the summarized pattern. You will have only 20 minutes to perform this task. You need to understand the graph and make the relevant comparison and write a minimum of 150 words. Basically, you need to describe the chart, and you will also get the line graph, table, pie chart, map, etc.


  • Academic Task 2:


Here, you will get an essay question where you need to read the questions and respond to the question-answer. You also need to answer with reason and example. Mostly topic comes in the general interest. To giving this examination, you only have 40 minutes, you will get the question, and you need to answer with your own experience or knowledge.



dos and donts of ielts writing task 2


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2. IELTS Reading Test: 



IELTS Reading Test


Not only in writing, you even need to hints for IELTS academic module to practice IELTS reading. IELTS preparation is not a small job; you need a tip to get through it. Those tips are discussing below:


  • You can follow the online IELTS classes, where you will have a reading section that contains 14 types of questions. You need to start practicing so that you can easily handle each kind of question.
  • Normally, the passage reading time is just 2 minutes, and you need to regularly practice this at your home. While reading the passage, you need to scan the important information quickly, and you need to speed up to answer the question.
  • You need to locate the answer without understanding the entire passage. But when you try at home, you can read the whole course within a short period of time and try to understand as much as possible.
  • You also need to learn words and phrases. You need to practice paraphrasing.



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3. IELTS Speaking Test: 


IELTS Speaking Test, hints for ielts academic module


You need to be very realistic to set your goal and focus on to improving vocabulary by giving mock tests regularly so that you can improve.


  • You need to be a good listener, and daily you must listen and read English at your home so that your English capability gets an increase in the IELTS exam.
  • Preparation practice tests are very important, and this helps with time management.
  • To build confidence, you can practice in front of the mirror.
  • In front of your family also you can practice by speaking with them in English.
  • Always use easy English in your speech so that everyone will understand.



4. IELTS Listening Test: 


IELTS Listening Test


Listening is very important. In today’s world, a good listener only can succeed. Here you will even have the listening test; you follow some tips for it.


  • Normally, a listening test happens for 30 minutes duration where you need to listen to the audio for 30 minutes continuously.
  • Once only you need to listen thoroughly and keep in mind all necessary information then answer the questions.
  • Online you will get a LELTS listening test; you can do the practice.
  • You can practice reading questions, listening, answering points, and many other things included in the IELTS test.


You can take all the above tests and get to the conclusion of what level you are at. Through this, you will come to know exactly how much time you need for IELTS preparation. Basically, English-speaking candidates need 6-8 weeks to prepare for the examination. If you want to get a high score, then you may need a little more time, maybe another 3-4 months. With everything, your main moto must be how you will study effectively. You need to get a complete overview of the exam pattern. This pattern has been made in such a way that you need to think realistic and reply to all the questions by following theses above hints for IELTS academic module. For the mock test, you need to be very fast. Our IELTS online course content is based on the most current standards & student requirements to help you secure desired results.


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