Are you planning to study abroad or relocate to an English Speaking Country? Then you will have to take IELTS. It tests the fluency and grammatical correctness and overall knowledge of an individual’s English language. This test includes 4 sections: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Each section has grades of its own and all the grades are later combined to state the final score. The final score ranges from grade 0 to grade 9. Grade 0 means the person is not fluent nor has grammatical knowledge to be able to comfortably study or work abroad and grade 9 means the person is fluent in the English language. The computer based IELTS means all the tests will be taken online on a computer or laptop. Therefore, beneficial tips for computer based IELTS are necessary to score grade 9.


We are listing down tips for computer based IELTS for all 4 sections:


  • Computer Based IELTS Listening Tips:


Computer Based IELTS Listening Tips


  1. IELTS-CBT will not differ very much from the general IELTS exam. The timing for this section is 30 minutes.
  2. You will get one chance at listening. The audio will be either in a British accent or in Australian. Make sure you practice listening to their pronunciations with the help of practice tests.
  3. Be patient with the audio. You will find the answers you were looking for. It might be at the very beginning or end. But you are not allowed to lose your focus.
  4. At the paper-based test, you will get 10 mins to transfer your answers from the question paper to the answer paper. But that is not the case in the computer based test. In a computer test, you have to type in answers as you go. You only get 2 mins in the end to check your answers. So, try avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes.


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  • Computer Based IELTS Reading Tips:


Computer Based IELTS Reading Tips


  1. Convenient reading – For the reading test, you have passage on the right-hand side and questions on the left-hand side, hence, that makes it easier to read the text and questions.
  2. Highlight – While reading, if you feel like a sentence or a word sounds important, you can easily highlight it by a right-click and selecting highlight. In a paper-based test, you are not allowed to use a highlighter so that’s an advantage of CBT.
  3. In a computer based test, you can increase the font size if you want.
  4. To avoid typos, you can easily copy-paste from the given text by using CTRL-V and CTRL-C.



  • Computer Based IELTS Writing Tips:


Computer Based IELTS Writing Tips


  1. Speed Typing – The computer based writing test is more like a typing test, honestly. The conditions, the timings, and everything are the same. The only difference is, you will have to type out your answers. Now, typing can be fun at the start and it might seem easy because there is no need to worry if your handwriting looks presentable or not, if you reached the word count limit or not. The computer will count the words for you. But typing for 60 minutes can feel tiring. Hence, it is required for an individual to have a good typing speed because he/she will have to type fast and without any errors.
  2. No Auto correct – Here is the thing, you will not have much time to re-check your answer. So, you need to type fast but with caution. See what you are typing. Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will cut your marks down.
  3. Editing – You can easily edit your writing. If you don’t like a sentence you wrote in the essay, you can just select the whole line and press ‘backspace’ or ‘delete’ instead of deleting it one by one. You can also use copy-paste mechanism during the test so, no worries.
  4. Plan – You will be given a pen and a paper to plan out your essay. You don’t need to go into details. Just mention some important points you don’t want to miss out on when you will be typing out your essay.



dos and donts of ielts writing task 2



  • Computer Based IELTS Speaking Tips:


Computer Based IELTS Speaking Tips, tips for computer based ielts


  1. The computer based speaking test will be just like paper-based. A human evaluator will be conducting this part of the test. So, this will be nothing new than having a conversation with someone.
  2. Smile – Smiling helps with pronunciation plus it shows that you are confident. So, smile and speak confidently. Take your time while answering the questions.
  3. Avoid using big words – Sure using big =, difficult words will make an impression on the examiner but using simple yet rightly chosen words will not make them hate you. Do what you feel most comfortable in.
  4. Prepare and Practice – Preparation is the hardest part. You will be asked to talk about anything like your family, your hobbies, what do you think of global warming, etc. so, make sure you gain as much knowledge about various things as you can. Also, practice speaking in front of a mirror or with a friend, etc.


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We provide IELTS online course conducted by IELTS experienced trainers, IELTS general training session for the preparation of the students for the final test. Practicing these can help an individual understand what kind of questions he or she should expect. CBT is not that different from PBT. The given tips for computer based IELTS will help you to earn good grades in this exam.